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Win7Zilla Trial Version or Free Upgrade

File: Win7Zilla_Setup.exe - Version:

Support: Windows 7 - 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64)

Language: English

User Guide Language: English

Size: 7.34 MB

Note: if you are upgrading from previous version, you might be asked for reactivation. This is because Win7Zilla version 2.5 applies new licensing library.

What's new in Version 2.5?


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Win7Zilla's user guide - one of windows 7 tools

Win7Zilla - User Guide

Please click the links below to download our latest User Guide for Win7Zilla. The User Guide is also included in the installer of Win7Zilla.


Adobe Acrobat Reader® (pdf)


Microsoft® XPS Document (xps)


What's new in Win7Zilla Version 2.5:

1. License System version 5.0

2. Addplication Start-up Timer Added 2 more features: automatically close and run in system tray at startup.


Application Start-up Timer 2.5 - Win7Zilla


3.File Cleaner and Registry Cleaner Now contain Select All Items button

What's new in Win7Zilla Version 2.4:

1. License System version 4.0 Newly embedded software_DNA v4.0 which includes multi-user licensing functionality where a single activation code can be configured to activate a given number of seats in an enterprise environment. software_DNA 4 is fully backward compatible to previous releases.

2. Fixed Unicode error during Internet Optimization.

What's new in Win7Zilla Version 2.3:

1. Images and Icons added to Easy Access


Easy Access - Win7Zilla

2. Game Performance Booster is optimized so that it loads much quicker than before.


3. Fixed Auto RAM Optimization Time.


4. Search area in main screen is optimized When users click on the search text box, It automatically opens the search result table. The users can double click on the search text box to close the result table.


Search for Windows 7 tweaks  - Win7Zilla

5. Cannot Access Registry.2 error is now fixed and the error message is added with more information for further debugging purposes.


What's new in Win7Zilla Version 2.2:

1. Addplication Start-up Timer added to Windows® Start-up Manager: By default, Windows loads all start-up applications simultaneously. It can slow down the Start-up if there are plenty of applications. Win7Zilla allows the user to set delay for each start-up application.


Application Start-up Timer - Win7Zilla


2. Application Speed Booster: Automatically assign the active process or application (the process with which the user is currently working) a higher level of Priority. By default, Windows® 7 sets Normal Priority for most of processes.


Application Speed Booster - Win7Zilla


3. Auto minimization during start-up: Win7Zilla automatically minimize to the system tray or taskbar during Windows® Start-up.


4. Advanced option for Memory Optimizer: users can modify the period of Auto Memory Optimization.


5. New tweak added to System and Security: Prevent access to Registry Editor


Prevent access to Registry Editor (regedit) in Windows 7


6. New tweak added to System and Security: Prevent access to Command Prompt


Prevent access to Comand Prompt (cmd) in Windows 7


7. New tweak added to Desktop and Personalization: Remove Shortcut Arrow icon from Shortcuts


Remove shortcut arrow icon from shortcuts in Windows 7