Win7Zilla version 2.0 is now downloadable and purchasable.
October 23, 2009

Hanoi, Vietnam - Sagitos Ltd today announced the release of Win7Zilla version 2.0, the major update to the Demo version in September. Win7Zilla is a multi-in-one utility which allows the users to tweak and customize just about any part of Windows®7. There are also many system maintenance tools embedded in Win7Zilla to help the users easily clean-up and optimize Windows®7.

What's new in Version 2.0?

Win7Zilla Version 2.0 has been added more than 60 tweaking options; most of them are in Control Panel and System areas.  After numerous tests on many different Windows®7 systems, we have decided to remove several tweaks which might not work properly or confuse the users. A lot of screenshots and instructions also included to ensure the users fully understand the tweaks and even manually remove tricky tweaks.

Windows®7 Boot Logger is one of the new features in Win7Zilla Version 2.0. It monitors activities during Windows®7 boot, summarizes total Windows® boot time and lists drivers and applications loaded during the system boot.

File Size scanner is included in Files Cleaner section which manually scans selected folders and displays the size of all files and sub-folders in descending order. The users can easily locate big files and folders on the system using this tool.

Win7Zilla Version 2.0 comprises a Quick Start Guide which aims to provide an overview of Win7Zilla's features. It walks through and describes briefly every single feature in Win7Zilla.

Sagitos Ltd is offering a special discount pricing for customers. Win7Zilla Full Version with Lifetime license is available for just $9.99 instead of $15.99. This offer lasts by December 31, 2009.

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About Sagitos Ltd

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